Massi Bakery is a new bakery company that aims to offer high-quality baked goods to customers in the local area. To establish a strong brand identity and increase brand awareness, Massi Bakery has undertaken a branding project that includes the following elements: brand strategy, brand identity development, social media strategy, and marketing campaign.


Team Members: Solo Project


16 weeks


Diagnose and Define

To create a brand identity and guideline we should have a good understanding of Massi Bakery's operations, products, target market, competitors, and other relevant factors. here is a small portion of all research and define's process.

Target Audience

Massi Bakery's audience is any local households who care about their health and looking for new flavors and fresh food.

Methods of Advertising

Massi Bakery's audience is any local hoMassi Bakery is a brand-new company, so our first advertising goal is brand awareness. Therefore, we will use any advertising medium that lets us
reach local audiences. Such as:
I. Local flyers
II. Social media Campain

Ideal Customer Experience

Massi Bakeries customers will always treat All customers with respect and importance and they will be welcomed. Also, they always will feel that Massi Bakery Cares about their health and needs.

Market Share

Massi Bakery efforts to make connections with local coffee shops and retailers as business partners to reach more customers.

Brand Statement

Massi Bakery offers homemade, healthy, and delicious bread in a warm and inviting atmosphere, catering to conscious customers who value organic products and seek a trustworthy establishment.


Our vision is to improve the health of families by providing them with nutritious food options.


Our goal is to improve the health of families by providing them with nutritious food options.

Brand Attributes:
Brand Personality:
Brand Personality:

The Innocent brand archetype represents purity, simplicity, and wholesomeness. This archetype conveys a sense of optimism and a belief in a better future. Massi bakery strives to create products that are honest, trustworthy, and straightforward. Also, evoke feelings of comfort, safety, and nostalgia. Therefore, Massi bakery can embody the Innocent archetype.